Cornwall by me ....

A range that pays homage to the scenes and sights from around the Cornish coastline.

I have taken the sunrise & sunset and the iconic Engine house, and set my style as a backdrop, finished off with a topcoat of resin, to give a gloss finish to each piece.

Each one is unique and perfect for that memory of a holiday, or a gift for a loved one....

Adding a new range to the range so to speak, now we have a keepsake from Cornwall that contains sand from your favourite beach, mixed with the colour, adding texture with a shimmer of colour, each one again unique. Various shapes and colours to be had in this perfect gift selection.

The chain is 18" long, and with the pendant both are made from stainless steel.

Stainless steel is a low nickel steel  It's considered hypoallergenic, and won't tarnish or rust. The pendants are 304 grade, which contains approximately 10% nickel.