Cornish Engine Houses

Cornish Engine Houses

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A view that is seen from many walks around the coast of Cornwall.

The engine house.

Mining in Cornwall actually dates back over 4000 years, but the industry reached its peak between the mid-1800s and the mid-1900s. This is when many of the engine houses you can see along our coastline and nestled within our countryside would have been built, and today the Cornwall mining landscape has been given World Heritage Status.

As well as the importance of remembering the county’s rich history, and of course all the men women and children who worked in the mines, today the iconic landmarks of engine house ruins that have been left behind have become a picturesque symbol of Cornish-ness.

Not to mention their inclusion in the stunning imagery shown in the popular Cornwall-based historic drama, Poldark, which has now added to the wow-factor of these incredible structures.

This is my take on the building with a back drop in a iridescent sea green colour, each unique and designed by me.